About Us

“Mustachee - a reason to smile, a hope to survive.“


Mustachee.com is world’s first human based collaborative online marketplace which mainly focuses on some major challenges in the world. We provide special provision to physically challenged people. We have special vision for internally displaced people around the world and especially in the Middle East. Mustachee comes up with a vision to make them independent and give a better life to all disabled or displaced people. When we say, we are here for all, We mean it. We care and we respect.

We provide an interface to get in touch and work with talented people all around the world. We provide services in technical as well non-technical fields. Our platform works as Freelancing place as well as Service provider. You can come here on Mustachee with your ideas and we will make it possible. We help you to choose right candidate from many choices available.


You can buy or sell micro jobs to mega projects here on Mustchee. We provide services in the areas like Mobile and web development, Graphics and Designing, Writing and Translation, online Marketing, Video and animation, Music and Audio, and many more. Creating contest and getting several ideas and demos for your single work is the key feature here.


Our Values:


M: Mobile - We accept changes easily and adapt it to our system. People can work from anywhere, Mustachee is everywhere.

U: United - We unite the world on a single platform and provide quick access to communicate with one another.

S: Safety/ Security : We keep your funds safely and secure your personal information.

T: Tolerance: Tolerant platform for tolerant people

A: Acceptant: We are ready to accept any new idea

C: care: We care for all

H: Hard work: This is the place for hard working people

E: Efficiency: We provide efficient services

E: Excellence: We have excellence in our work


Our mission and vision is Independence - Be economically independent, Be your own Boss and work on your own terms and time.