• Am I allowed to provide any service I want?
    You can totally be as creative as you can in your services and works. Nevertheless, you cannot provide any service that is unethical or illegal by the law or by our website. Please review Terms & Conditions
  • Can I deal with customers I knew from Mustachee website outside of the website?
    You are absolutely not allowed to deal with customers you knew in our website outside the website. This will cause the termination of your account and your job with us.
  • How do I know how professional this service provider is?
    You can always check as much service providers as you want till you are convinced. To help you, look at the ratings and reviews written for each service provider.
  • Is the website allowed to deactivate my account?
    Yes, the website have the permission to deactivate your account in case of detecting any illegal or banned activity or service. Please review our Terms & Conditions and Privacy
  • What is the percent which the website deducts on money transactions paid to me as a service provider?
    The website deducts 20% from each money transaction forwarded to you when selling your services.
  • Are there minimum and maximum ranges for the charge I place to my customers when selling my services?
    No, it is up to you to set your price, however, it is better to give a reasonable price in order to compete with others, and to have continuous job.
  • How can I pay the service provider who sold me his/ her service?
    You may use any payment gateway that is provided by the website.
  • Can I cancel my order which I agreed upon with the service provider?
    You can’t do that after you agreed with the service provider and paid the deposit, however, if the service provider didn’t respond or didn’t do the work on time, you may request to cancel the service by contacting us.
  • What should I do if I did not like the result of the product/ service I ordered?
    The website holds no responsibility upon unsatisfying results or theft by service providers. This is why you must provide a realistic, fair rating and review to the service provider after the work is done.
  • Can I have more than one account in Mustachee?
    You are not allowed to have more than one account. Please be aware that the conditions of the website are very strict upon this point. IP banning is used in the website to make sure no one is able to breakthrough this condition.
  • Can I cancel or deactivate my account?
    You cannot deactivate your account unless you cleared all your responsibilities towards your customers. There must be no work being held or terminated. The process of deactivation will not take place unless the conditions of deactivation are satisfied.