Privacy Policy

For freelancers (service providers):
  • Make sure to use your real name in your account.
  • Do not share personal information with your customers.
  • Do not make any use of others work. This will cause your account to be deactivated immediately
  • Any personal information will not be shared with any user of the website. This is to protect your security and privacy. 
  • Make sure to deal with your customers through using our website only. Any interaction outside the website will cause the loss of your account.
  • Report any misuse or misbehavior that you might face while dealing with customers. 
  • Make sure to have precise information about the product or the service your customer is asking for.
  • Do not provide any illegal or banned service. All activities are monitored by the administration of Mustachee.


For Customers (service buyers):
  • Make sure to read the description of the service provider you are dealing with. Also, ensure that the service he/she providing is the one you are looking for.
  • Do not share personal information with the service provider you are dealing with. Any problem of this sort will be regarded as a responsibility you take upon.
  • Paying to the services you buy must and should be only through the website.
  • In case there was an inconvenience or a problem happening with your service provider during the period of work which was agreed upon, you may cancel your order by contacting us.
  • Make sure to give specific and detailed orders and information about the product or service you want when dealing with the service providers. 
  • Ask your service provider about anything which seems unclear to you.
  • Make sure to report any misbehavior that might your service provider make. Also, we encourage you to give him/her a review describing your realistic experience with him/her.