Terms Of Use

Priorities to be considered: 
Please pay attention to the conditions and terms of the website. 
Please notice that with every money transactions in case selling services the website earns 17% from each transaction. And 12 % from the IDPs and handicapped. 
In case of false or unreal money transactions, the website carries no responsibility towards fake accounts or unsatisfying services offered.   
Please make sure to follow the instruction provided to insure your privacy and security. 
  • As the website enforces some conditions, the service provider and the buyer are committed to all terms and conditions of Mustachee.
  • Money transactions must and should only be within the website. Any violation regarding this rule will cause the termination of the service provider’s account (freelancer).
  • In case of plagiarized work or any sort of illegal activity, the account will be terminated straight away. Using works of others is also counted as plagiarism and this will cause a total deactivation of the account that belongs to the owner who intends to do so.
  • Any violation regarding ethical activities or behaviors will cause a direct termination of the account or the user.
  • We are certainly paying great attention to the privacy and security of our users. But the company does not hold any responsibility towards any theft or larceny that might happen from a service provider.  
  • Reviews and ratings given by customers should be valid and a representative of a justified judgment.
  • IP banning will ensure that there are no fake accounts to be signed up.
  • Reporting users can be done when misusing.